Laptop Sunglasses

A sunny day in Seattle? Oh, well, it does happen.

If you've ever tried to use a laptop out in the sunlight, you've probably concluded that it doesn't emit enough light, and doesn't reflect enough of the screen contents. I certainly have.

But, then I tried blocking out light from around the screen with my hands, and, to my astonishment, the contrast on the screen went up tremendously. Hmm, I though. By blocking out stray light, I must be allowing the pupils in my eyes to expand enough for me to actually be able to see the screen.

Wouldn't it be nice if one could adapt those 3-D glasses with built in LCD screens that alternate between transparent and opaque to dynamically provide a transparent window in the middle, just enough to show the laptop screen?

Stupid. A much lower tech solution would work almost as well, and could easily be extended to block out light in the visual periphery as well.

So, my wife cut me a raccoon mask for my glasses, and for now I use a cap to block out most of the rest of the ambient light. But, you could easily build clip-ons for glasses that extend beyond the glasses and improve the effect. Here's what my Laptop Sunglasses look like:

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